We kicked off our Concert at the Caboose summer series last Friday (6/25/2021) in Dowtown alliance on Main Street! We had a great turn out, the John Hampu Band was terrific! 

We were able to raise alot of money for this years Apostle Build and the Crowd was amazing. Hope to see everyone next Friday (7/2/2021) for Jimmy and the Soul Blazers! 


Alliance Habitat Restore & Judith Tolerton Resource Center


Alliance Area Chamber is excited to introduce to the public the Alliance Habitat Restore & Judith Tolerton Resource. “As of Friday June 18th We open our doors to the public” (Mark Locke President of Habitat for Humanity). 

The store offers a unique way to thrift gently used furniture and appliances for families in the area who are in need of quality items on a budget! Located at 1600 S Arch St in Alliance Oh: Hours Fridays 10am – 6pm & Saturdays 9am-7pm offering hardwear, home improvement and building materials! 

Alliance Habitat for Humanity is very excited to open the doors to their new restore! We are looking forward to the future of the business and the aid it provides to those in Alliance and surrounding areas! 


The Greater Carnation Festival Board is pleased to announce Ron Moore Jr as the keynote speakers for the 2021 Carnations Festival Community Breakfast.

Ron Moore Jr was born and raised right here in Alliance Ohio graduating from Alliance High School in 1986 Ron pursued his passions in the vocational Commercial Art program for two years. Following his Graduation Ron attended the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis, Minnesota for two years. Succeeding his time in Collage Ron proceeded in his art career, before coming to a halt at the age of 34 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2004.

 Parkinson’s Disease is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects movements, often including tremors. Proceeding his diagnosis, the following years were dedicated to Ron’s health in 2010-2012 Ron had to endure two deep brain simulation (DBS) surgeries to implant neuro-stimulators deep into his brain to help manage the progression of symptoms.

Ron was determined to follow his passion after his DBS surgeries Ron had to change his technique to continue creating art. Despite his diagnosis Ron continued to thrive, He has had the honor of creating pieces for Congressman Lewis, President Donald Trump, as well as several members of his family, Charlies Daniels, Crystal Gayle, JJ Cafaro, and President Joe Biden.

Ron was commissioned by Pop-Music legend Frankie Valens to Create two paintings for the cover of his new novel, and most recently by Late Night Talk Show Host Jay Leno to create a special portrait.

Ron has had his work displayed in galleries all around the world, as well as private collections through out the US and 12 foreign countries. Ron now resides in Austintown, Ohio with his wife Lisa together they have six adult children and thirteen grandchildren.

Teacher of the Month

Teacher, Emily Shaub was awarded the April 2020 Teacher of the Month award from the Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce.


“Teaching provides an opportunity for me to guide students as independent learners and foster positive relationships. Once these relationships are formed, I am there to help students foster a curiosity about the sciences. Teaching science allows me to provide students with opportunities to explore their own interests and passions and think critically about the world they live in.” 

Emily Shaub

Marlington High School

Business Sponsor:

Cassaday-Turkle-Christian Funeral Home


Stay At Home Order FAQ

COVID-19 Information

Stay At Home Order Frequently Asked Questions On Sunday, March 22th, under the direction of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, M.D., MPH issued a director’s order to require all Ohioans to stay in their homes to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 beginning at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Monday, March 23, 2020 until 11:59 p.m. on April 6, 2020. This order prohibits holding gatherings of any size and closes all nonessential businesses. It does NOT prohibit essential activities like going to the grocery store, receiving medical care, or taking your pet for a walk. Residents can return home from out of state and can leave the state.

For more information on what this order means for you, please see below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the order take effect? The order will take effect at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Monday, March 23rd

Where does the Stay at Home order apply? The director’s order includes the entire state. Unless you work for an essential business or are doing an essential activity, you should stay home. Work from home is permitted and encouraged where possible.

Is this mandatory or just guidance? This order is mandatory. To help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in Ohio and protect our friends, neighbors, and vulnerable populations, please stay home.

Will the Ohio National Guard be enforcing this order? No. The Ohio National Guard will not be enforcing this order.

How will the police know I’m allowed to be outside my house? Law enforcement officials will not stop residents who are on their way to or from work or who are out for necessities like going to the pharmacy or getting groceries, or just taking a walk. People gathering in any size group may be asked to physically distance themselves or go home. Ohioans should abstain from all nonessential activities. Adhering to the order will save lives and it is the responsibility of every Ohioan to do their part. We are in this together.

Will grocery stores be open? Yes, essential services will still be operational including, but not limited to: • Grocery stores • Gas stations • Pharmacies • Police stations • Fire stations • Hospitals, clinics and healthcare operations • Garbage/sanitation • Public transportation • Public benefits (i.e. SNAP, Medicaid) hotlines.

How can I get medical care if I need it? If you are feeling sick, call your doctor, a nurse hotline, any telehealth hotline set up specifically for COVID-19 (check with your insurance company) or an urgent care center. If you are experiencing symptoms or are currently in isolation, you should stay at home and follow the guidelines provided by your physician. Do not go to an emergency room unless necessary. Nonessential medical care like eye exams and teeth-cleaning should be postponed. When possible, healthcare visits should be done remotely. Contact your healthcare provider to see what tele-health services they provide.

What if I still have to go to work? Unless your work is an essential function (i.e. healthcare provider, grocery store clerk, first responder), you should stay home. If you have been designated essential by your employer, you should continue to go to work and practice social distancing. If you are experiencing symptoms or are currently in isolation, you should stay at home and follow the guidelines provided by your physician.

What if I think my business should be closed but I’m still being asked to operate? Essential businesses will remain open during the Stay at Home order to provide services that are vital to the lives of Ohioans. Those businesses include, but are not limited to, pharmacies, certain government offices, and restaurants providing take-out meals. If you work for an essential business, you should continue to practice social distancing and should stay at home outside of work hours. If you believe your business is nonessential but are still being asked to show up to work, you may discuss with your employer.

Can I order food/groceries? Yes, grocery delivery will be available as well as meal-delivery, drive through, and take-out options.

Will public transportation and ridesharing be available? Public transportation and ridesharing should be used for essential travel only. When possible, walk, or drive yourself.

Will roads in Ohio be closed? No, the roads will not be closed in Ohio. You should only travel if it is essential to your work or health.

Can I take a flight out of state? Planes and any other form of travel should only be used for essential purposes.

What if my home is not a safe environment? If it is not safe for you to remain home, you are able and urged to find another safe place to stay during this order. Please reach out so we can help. You may call the Ohio Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-934-9840 or contact your local law enforcement.

Can I visit friends and family? For your safety, as well as the safety of those in your community, you should remain at home to help fight the spread of COVID-19. However you may travel to care for elderly, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, or other vulnerable persons. If possible, it is recommended that you drop off supplies, food, and medication to those relatives in need of assistance, but minimize interaction.

What about my pet? You may walk your dog and seek medical care for your pet should they require it. Be sure to practice social distancing while out on walks, maintaining at least 6 feet from other neighbors and their pets.

Does the Stay at Home order mean I can’t take my kids to the park? Families will still be able to go outside, including to parks and outdoor spaces that remain open, and take a walk, run, or bike ride but should continue to practice social distancing by remaining 6 feet away from other people. Playgrounds are closed because they pose a high risk of increasing transmission.

What is the difference between the Stay at Home order and social distancing? Social distancing is an important first step in preventing the spread of a disease like COVID-19 that allows people to go about their daily activities while taking extra health and safety precautions. The Stay at Home order requires people to remain in their homes unless they have an essential job or are doing an essential task like going to the grocery store or walking a pet.

Can I leave home to exercise? Yes. Outdoor exercise like running or taking a walk is perfectly acceptable; however, exercise gyms, fitness centers and associated facilities are closed to reduce the spread of coronavirus. While exercising outside, you should still practice social distancing by running or walking at least six feet away from other people.

Can I pick up meals being provided by my child’s school? Yes. Many districts and schools are continuing to support students by providing breakfast and lunch in non-congregate settings. To find a meal site near you, use the Ohio Department of Education’s interactive map or check your local district’s website or social media channels for meal distribution locations and times.

Can I go out to do laundry? Yes. Laundromats, dry cleaners and laundry service providers are considered essential businesses that will remain open.